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  "The Reason for Carnival People" - Poem by Anthony Santillo  


There’s a reason for carnival people who face the rains, storms, heat, and drought.
Who work so hard day and night, travelling weekends with no rest in sight.

Sometimes I wonder who gives us the strength to put up with the things I mentioned above.
It must be God’s hand that gives us a lift.
Don’t say it can’t be, for the reasons are here for you to see.

Is it because we take care of our own and give them a plot?
Hiring the people no one cares about.
Or, is it because we bring joy to you, in the hills, the country, and the cities too?

Or, that we help buy those big red trucks firemen use to save you homes and lives, you folks?
Because we help the needy, the helpless, the cancer, heart, and paralysis and many more funds we raise for you?
Many hospitals and churches we help to support plus the little leagues we help to equip, you know.
And the many more I will mention below.

The Lion’s Club, Exchange, and Optimists, naming just a few.
Yes, the Chamber of Commerce and the Jaycees too.
War veterans and legions, their homes we help build.
But, the proudest of all are the fairs we support.
To increase the crops, to improve them more, to better the herds and poultry flocks.
And, many more thing that benefit folks.

For the bigger the crops, the larger the herds,
is what gives us the abundance we have in reserve.

Yes, we are the helping hands of God.
So, give them respect and a smile, not a frown.
Whenever a carnival comes into town.

- Anthony Santillo – 1978

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